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Meet the Committees

The association performs many of its activities and functions through committees that members of the community can join. Please contact the committee chairmen if you are interested in joining a committee! Must be a resident of the community to be in a committee. The committee pages are viewable only to members of the community.

Architectural Control Committee


The architectural control committee acts as an adviser to the Board of Directors regarding the architectural standards of the Community. Committee members receives and processes issues concerning alterations to any of the properties of the community and recommends activity and standards that enhance the appearance of the community and its common elements.

Greening Committee

Chairman: Jeff Popp

The mission of the Revell Downs Greening Committee is to preserve and enhance the nature of our community and its natural resources through watershed stewardship, sustainability, and healthier landscaping practices. The committee aims to inform and actively engage residents in improving our community’s environmental impact in order to make a positive difference to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Several projects have already been done and we have more to do!

Finance Committee

Chairman: Leah Hahn

The finance committee provides financial oversight for the organization, including preparing the annual budget, reviewing and approving monthly financial data, preparing various tax returns, and making sure the finances of the association are in order.

External Affairs Committee

Chairman: Rob Sampson

The external affairs committee acts as the ambassador to other communities, businesses and the county at large. Committee members contact the County on behalf of the community, liaison with businesses and advise the Board of Directors on who to contact to address issues that originate beyond the bounds of the community.

Newsletter Committee

Chairman: Hunter Taylor

The newsletter committee acts as the recordkeepers and messaging experts of the community. Committee members work together to maintain the HOA website, to gather community news and to publish the news and records of the community.

Nominating Committee


The nominating committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the Board of Directors alongside the floor during the annual HOA meeting.


Recreation Committee



Social Committee