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Revell Downs Stream Restoration Project is COMPLETE!

A photo taken in September 2018 of Cat Branch before the restoration project was done showing steep banks and very little native vegetation.
A photo from April 2019 of the same area. The stream has been reconnected with the floodplain and stone check dams have been installed to help slow the water down and add oxygen as it flows through the system.

Did you know that when it rains, all of the stormwater from our neighborhood rushes into our storm drains carrying, debris, oil, trash, yard chemicals, and other pollution with it? Any water that enters our storm drains goes straight into the nearest creek, stream, or river untreated. This is bad for our waters, our wildlife, and most importantly, us! Luckily, Revell Downs is trying to be part of the solution to help improve water quality right here in our own neighborhood. 

This spring, the Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program completed a stream and stormwater outfall restoration project in our community. The project included over 475 feet of stream channel restoration leading to Cat Branch that helps slow down and treat stormwater rather than allowing it to flow heavily during storm events. The project has improved the overall functionality of the stream channel, benefits native wildlife, and improves the water quality by filtering the runoff from our community which ultimately discharges to the Magothy River. Overall the project will prevent pollution of over 80 pounds of Nitrogen, 10 pounds of Phosphorous, and 2.6 tons of sediment from flowing into the Magothy River, each year. Pollution reductions are critical for improving water quality and ensuring the Bay is healthy for humans, plants and animals. Local middle school students also planted over 2500 native trees, shrubs, and plants to help stabilize the project and provide habitat for local wildlife. The County will continue to maintain and monitor the project and is responsible for any repairs.